Canadian Pacific: Empress of Ireland and Storstad Rigging Profile

Beginning this month, I am partnering with Canadian friend and (Empress of Ireland fanatic) Ian Kinder to offer several of his EOI related items. The first item is a lovely rigging profile of both the Empress of Ireland and the unfortunate ship that sent her to the bottom, the Storstad. These plans were hand drawn by Ian and then reproduced on 40" x 24" FSC and SFI paper ... completely suitable and perfect for framing! I encourage you to check out Ian's website: Ian is in process of putting the final touches on a new Empress Of Ireland book that should be available in later December 2013. If you purchase this item from GLL, I will contact Ian and he will ship the item directly from his stock in Canada. Please allow 3 weeks for shipping.


Price: $9.95


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