Canadian Pacific: Empress of Britain and Helvetia Rigging Profile

Beginning this month, I am partnering with Canadian friend and (Empress of Ireland fanatic) Ian Kinder to offer several of his EOI/EOB related items. This a lovely rigging profile of both the Empress of Britain and the Helvita. Fate is a funny thing ...The Helvetia sank in a collision with the EOB about 2 years before the Empress of Ireland was sunk by a similar collier the Storstad. These plans were hand drawn by Ian and then reproduced on 40" x 24" FSC and SFI paper ... completely suitable and perfect for framing! I encourage you to check out Ian's website: Ian is in process of putting the final touches on a new Empress Of Ireland book that should be available in later December 2013. If you purchase this item from GLL, I will contact Ian and he will ship the item directly from his stock in Canada. Please allow 3 weeks for shipping.


Price: $9.95


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