Canadian Pacific: Tale of Two Sisters Book by Ian Kinder

Here is the much awaited book on the sisters Empress of Ireland and Empress of Britain from my Canadian friend Ian ...
I need to get my own copy ordered ASAP... Here are the preview tidbits from the back of the book:

The Tale of Two Sisters is packed with:
Unseen pictures from the original reports of Lloyd’s Register who surveyed the
construction of the Empress of Britain and the Empress of Ireland from the keel up.
Photographic illustration of what it must have looked like when the SS Storstad and
the Empress of Ireland collided.

Very rare pictures taken aboard the SS Storstad and the SS Helvetia. Ship's plans and diagrams showing the collisions that occurred involving all four ships and so many mysteries revealed.

... Two coal carrying colliers; the SS Storstad and the SS Helvetia were built and
launched from the same ship yard only a year apart. The latter made less of a mark on
Maritime history, but both were destined to meet two sister ships called the Empress
of Ireland and the Empress of Britain...

... In the early hours of May 29th 1914, Captain Kendall loses sight of an unknown vessel steaming down the St. Lawrence river into a fog bank. Captain Henry George Kendall (while knowing that the other vessel was in the vicinity) orders the Empress of Ireland to a dead stop, but did the ship stop?...

... With only seconds left Captain Murray orders the Empress of Britain full speed astern
after hearing an approaching vessel foghorn extremely close. Out of the fog emerges a
collier passing across the Empress” bow; Captain Murray knew it was too late...

If you wish you can order this book directly from Ian at either his website @ Shipping to the US and Canada is $10 and Ian will quote postage for other world wide locations.


Price: $40.00


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