Cunard Line: Queen Mary First Class Smoking Room Rubbish bin. MB/UK

Here is an original item for the QM that you sure do not see every day: A First  Class Smoking Room Rubbish Bin!  If you are familiar with the overall design and furnishings of this room , you will note that these rubbish bins purposefully mimic the design of the smaller occasional tables ... right down to the details of the overlapping panel work. Build of strong sturdy oak and veneered with English sycamore (I believe)… these were of super high quality construction and materials. The veneering work does needs some restoration (I have shown the side that needs the most attention in the picture) … but this will be a stunning item once refinished .. and something you won’t see in many collections. Unbelievably, the bin even includes the metal liner insert … and it is in great shape. Like almost all QM items, the ship room location is stenciled onto the bottom. A wonderful rare opportunity! ***Shipping calculator may not be accurate, shipping may have to be quoted... it is heavy!


Price: $775.00


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