Cunard Line: The New RMS Caronia Primo Intro brochure

One of my favorite early items for the Green Goddess Caronia is this intro brochure  … it just does not disappoint at all. It is filled with information on  the ship … covering her building and launch and marvelous interiors. The interior renderings are mouthwatering and just ooze the essence of luxury that the ship would be known for throughout her life. Of course , the background colors are green … a nod toward her unique coloring … and details abound in rich gold-leaf. Through out the brochure the larger pages are separated with mini book mark like pages that call out specific details and even cover some on the art on board. The best brochure  for  Caronia collector. Very good condition with a few edge bumps and 3 mini tears on the front and back covers.



Price: $120.00


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