Ken Schultz Catalogue #51 July 1992

The catalogue that was deemed “Collectible in itself”. In his usually Spirited manner, Ken introduces #51 with a review of several events he attended to sell merchandise … the THS and TI Annual meetings … both of course celebrating the Titanic’s 80 anniversary of disappearing beneath the waves. In a personal and heartfelt tone , ken also memorizes his mother who had passed earlier in the year after almost 5 years of illness and health issues. There were 816 liner items in the catalogue … all described in some good detail. Interestingly, Item 714 is a baggage tag holder from the SS United States Ken admits he took off the ship himself … an item I’m sure I have seen for sale again recently. These catalogues certainly are great reference point today for liner items and they also help as good guides for continuing provenance. This one is in pretty good shape … the pages on these unfortunately come loose as Ken produced these all by hand.


Price: $32.00


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