United States Lines: SSUS US Cruises conversion blueline plans from 1986: Repriced! MM17

OUTSTANDING set of original blue line SSUS conversion plans for Hadley’s dream that was not to be! This is a complete set from the last 1986 plan revision that covers all new and old decks (Observation/includes stack profiles, Eagle, Navigation, Sports, Sun, Promenade, Upper, Main, A,B,C, D and partial E, Hold and Machinery) and also includes the coveted outboard profile drawn at a smaller scale. I can pour over these plans for hours at a time and dream about what could have been! There are minor marks and notations on the sheets and most have small edge tears … but these do not affect the “drawing” portions of the plans at all. The promenade deck sheet is missing a corner of the sheet. Amazingly, Some of these giant sheets reach into the 10 foot long range! Certainly a conversion of this magnitude would have altered the SS United States well away from her mid-century design and made her less desirable or maybe even impossible for us to debate her preservation today …. but she certainly would have had more useful years on the ocean. These plans are priceless tools for research and or model building and are becoming rarer and much more obscure to find …. Certainly a true collectors dream item.



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