French Line: SS Paris Original Interior Architectural Terrace Vestibule Rendering

Another totally amazing design rendering done for the SS Paris. The rendering itself is done in pencil and ink showing a detailed elevation and section study of a wall niche for a Vestibule Terrace . These renderings would have been part of the designers concept portfolio for the proposed work onboard. I know I have seen this same rendering shown in print someplace … but alas I can’t remember. It is not in Rene Vian’s masterwork book: Arts Decroatifs A Bord des Paquebots Francais … like the other rendering I am offering for sale. The Paris herself was remodeled a few different times from her Beaux Arts and Nouveau beginnings into more of an Art Deco lady … most of the major changes happened after her first big fire in 1929. A pretty rare “one of a kind” elegant item.


Price: $385.00


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