United States Lines: SSUS First Class Sports Deck Playroom chair Repriced and relisted!

Oh to have been a child aboard the Big U … the whole ship certainly would have been a playground … but the children in all classes were pampered even further with their own playrooms! This is a lovely chair from the sports deck FC playroom. The “vinyl” blue seating upholstery is in excellent shape (one little seam seperation on a top corner) . .. and the red frame shows a few scratches and dingys: Overall it is a GEM! *** Shipping calculator probably will not be accurate for this item .. I will need to quote manually*** Please help save the SS United States, visit www.savetheunitedstates.org.

PS: If any one has images and photo's of this particular playroom ... I'd love to see them.


Old Price: $435.00

Price: $395.00

You save: $40.00! (9.20%)


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