On The Road to Alang: Peter Knego’s Amazing First Alang DVD Restocked!

Buddy Peter Knego is no stranger to any shred of information involving Ocean Liners and related endeavors .. and his first Indian scrapyard adventure DVD "On The Road to Alang" covers his series of journeys to Alang to document the glut of older tonnage that was retired in the early 2000's. The video footage covers many ships recognized from their days of crossing or cruising: Empress of Canada, Ivernia/ Franconia, Transvaal Castle, Winston Churchill and Stella Solaris just to name a few. These trips also served as rescue missions for Artwork, Furniture, Fittings and other memorabilia from these retried ladies ... with rare scenes of the trader's yards. A topic that is rarely covered, PK gives poetic tribute to these lovely ladies as they disappear before our eyes into bits and pieces ... all to fuel the Indian economy and provide needed work for the local workers. Sealed and Brand New!


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