The Sands of Alang: Peter Knego’s Sequel Alang DVD: Restocked!

Journey again with Buddy Peter as he returns the scrappers yards of Alang, India in 2005 to visit another series of liners and ships that have been recently beached for demolition. This DVD has a focus on The Eugenio C, the incredible retired flagship of the Costa line .. as she arrived on the beach under the name "Big Red Boat 2". Also see the array of items PK saved ... lovely chairs, tables and other items .. as well as outstanding art work from the likes of Master artists like Luzzatti and Colacino. Visit other ships too .. and experience their last days of life as the metallic carnage begins being dismantled slice by slice. PK is the documentation authority on the scrapping process and his knowledge on the subject glows throughout. I can hardly wait for the third DVD to be ready! Brand New and Sealed.


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